What people are saying about Hypnobirthing with BirthCalm

What Mothers Say
"I am still amazed by the power of Hypnobirthing; I didn't realise I was even in labour to start with! Toby's birth was so calm & quick that I was able to really enjoy those precious first few hours with him without the feelings of total exhaustion I had after the birth of my daughter."
Sarah, 2nd baby

What Fathers Say
“As a nervous first-time father I found the positive language and stories gave me a lot of confidence. It was also great to have an important role to play on the day so that it became an amazing shared experience that I will never forget!”
Ben, Hypnobirthing Dad

What Midwives Say
“As a midwife I have been so impressed by the results of Hypnobirthing! It puts women in control of their labour and birth.
I have witnessed the effective use of Hypnobirthing in a wide variety of births, from quiet, calm homebirths to frantic, emergency caesarean sections where women have found it enabled them to remain calm and feel in control. It is an effective tool when used to cope with labour and birth.”
Siobhan Taylor, Midwife

Extract from article in NCT magazine 'The Voice' Autumn 2010
'I started looking around for more information and further inspiration, which is when I found my next heroine Emma Tregenna (BirthCalm HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method). Wow! From our first meeting she blew me away... this is what I had been looking for, this technique related to me on so many levels, exactly the mindset I have on the rest of my life was finally available to me for the growing of and birthing of my baby. I felt as if the angels had sent Emma to us, because with her help and guidance I went from a fear-filled, anxious mum-to-be, to a calm, relaxed, confident, powerful woman who now knew she had the strength and courage to put faith in her body, her baby and her ability as a woman in a relaxed, calm & happy manner.
The exercises, techniques and philosophy used by The Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing, brought my husband & I even closer, our faith in each other grew, our love and connection for our baby surpassed what we dreamed possible. We were finally confident that our baby would be brought into the world in the most natural way possible, surrounded by love & tranquility and that her birthing day was going to be a wonderful joyous experience for us, for our baby girl & for those around us giving us the support and help necessary during the birthing process.
Kirsty, 1st baby

Toby's Birth Story
To be perfectly honest, when I first came across hypnobirthing, I thought that it was a bit wacky and hippy and certainly not for me! I wanted a natural water birth and naively thought that I could cope with just gas and air for pain relief for the birth of my first child. I had a long and exhausting labour and it wasn’t long before I was high on gas and air and screaming for an epidural. It was the right decision for me at the time but I’m convinced that it only served to lengthen the labour further. Because of the epidural, I had 2 hours of fairly unproductive pushing and by the time Lara arrived I was exhausted after a 20 hour labour. She was reluctant to feed - both of us stressed and traumatised by the whole birth experience.

When I fell pregnant again, I was certain that I didn’t want another labour like the first and started to consider alternative options. A couple of friends had successfully used hypnobirthing, so I questioned them at length about their experience but didn’t believe that it was for me. A friend from my antenatal yoga class that I had stayed in touch with, had since had her second baby using hypnobirthing, and had also decided to train as a hypnobirthing practitioner. Emma was looking for couples to act as “guinea pigs” so that she could put her training into practice, so we decided that we would give it a go…after all, we didn’t have anything to lose!

As part of the hypnobirthing course, we watched films of various births; I was in awe of the women I saw and if I’m honest, didn’t believe that I would ever be able to achieve that level of relaxation. However, by the end of the course, I had learnt to relax, was getting much better sleep and started to believe that I might be able to do it!!

On Sunday 28th March, I bumped into a friend at the NCT Nearly New Sale, who remarked how I looked ‘ready to pop’. I replied with a groan, “Urgh, I’ve still got 10 days to go until my due date” and returned home to cook a roast dinner! Later that afternoon and evening, I had what I thought was lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and baby was really active. I decided to have an early night and went up to bed around 9pm. I listened to the Birthing Affirmations and then the Rainbow Relaxation and unusually, didn’t fall asleep! As I lay in bed, the bedside clock was in view and I realised that the tightenings were coming fairly regularly, at 10-12 minutes apart. As I hadn’t had any pain, I dismissed it as a ‘practice run’, took 2 paracetamol and tried to get some sleep! When my husband Paul came to bed at 11pm, I got up to go to the toilet and realized my pyjamas were wet – not soaked, just damp – had my waters broken, or had my pelvic floor let me down?!

After some deliberation about whether to test whether I was in labour by getting in the bath, or to phone the Rosie, I decided to phone the Rosie. Because I was Group B Strep Positive, they wanted me to come straight in as I would need antibiotics in labour. By the my parents arrived to look after Lara, the tightenings were only 6 minutes apart and I realised that I’d had 4 hours of contractions with absolutely no pain at all.

We arrived at the Rosie just after midnight and were directed to the same room that we had with Lara, which felt a little weird! We were informed that it was really busy (and the MLBU was about to close), so I sat bouncing on my ball, using the breathing techniques we’d been taught in the classes and Paul helped me put the TENS machine on while we waited for a midwife. Tightenings were by this stage 2-3 minutes apart and getting more intense, although I still wouldn’t describe them as painful. Then my waters went properly and I sent Paul off to find a midwife and remind them that I needed the IV antibiotics. By the time the midwife arrived, the contractions were coming one after the other and I lay on my side on the bed in an attempt to get comfortable. When I announced that I thought that my baby was ready to come out, the midwife apparently raised her eyebrows to Paul, in disbelief that I was in advanced labour – charming! It was also at this stage that I panicked and said that I couldn’t do it. Paul calmly reminded me to breathe the baby down and with a couple of pushes/breaths (I’m not sure which really), Toby was born at 2.50am! Afterwards, the midwife admitted to us that she didn’t believe that my labour was as advanced as it was, as I appeared so calm and relaxed.

I was able to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with Toby and he latched on straight away and had a good feed. I was able to really enjoy those precious first few hours with him without the feelings of total exhaustion that I had after Lara’s birth.

My labour was officially recorded as 35 minutes, although I would say it was a little longer than that! Needless to say, I never got the IV antibiotics in labour as it all happened so quickly, so rather disappointingly, we had to stay in for 48 hours so that Toby could have antibiotics.

Whilst on Lady Mary ward after the birth, I was visited by 2 student midwives who were researching for a project on pain relief in labour. I was amazed to hear that I was one of only two women on the ward that morning that had had a normal vaginal delivery! They were particularly intrigued by my experience as they were only considering gas & air/pethidine/epidural methods – I hope I managed to convince them to include my experiences in their project!

Lara’s birth had been long and traumatic and Paul said afterwards that he’d felt helpless. After the hypnobirthing classes he felt like he had a clearer remit as to how he would be able to support me through this second labour. In the end it was all so quick and calm, he didn’t need to do much – other than to encourage me and remind me to breathe!!

I am still amazed by the power of hypnobirthing and was thrilled that Toby’s birth was such a positive experience and the birth that I wanted – thank you Emma!


Looking Out to Sea

“Returning birthing to a
calm, beautiful and
peaceful experience”