BirthCalm offers private classes, conveniently provided in couples' own homes at a mutually convenient time. We teach the Wise Hippo birthing programme which comprises 4 3hour classes, usually taught on consecutive weeks. Occasionally we are able to provide the course over one or two weekends if evenings do not suit you. All the techniques are taught in the first 2 classes, giving plenty of time to practice and return with any questions to subsequent classes so you will be fully prepared and feeling confident by the end of the course.

We offer follow-up support over the phone and via email for all our couples.

The Wise Hippo birthing programme is a complete antenatal course so you don't need to attend any other classes.
The Programme offers:

  • The opportunity to feel fully prepared for labour and birth, both emotionally and practically
  • Understanding of the physical and psychological processes that occur in the mother during labour and birth
  • Preparation for the role of birth partner. Partners do have a very specific role to play
  • A sense of being ready to meet your baby and what to expect immediately after the birth
  • Alleviation of your fears, building confidence and belief in your ability to birth naturally, and how to birth naturally in a more relaxed way
  • The tools learnt will enable you to birth your baby more calmly and reduce the need for medical intervention

And so much more!

Private classes in your own home cost £400 with Emma and £250 with Sam, including the cost of the course manual and 5 hypnosis mp3s. We will travel within 15 miles of Willingham (including Cambridge, Ely and Huntingdon); we charge an additional petrol supplement outside of this area.

Please contact us to find out about current availability:
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